The following is a list of representative projects Box International Consulting has conducted, while not all projects or clients are referenced below, the list typifies the range of services Box International Consulting has provided.

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US Cement Market Report
A US investment banking firm requested Box provide a 2016 Cement Market Report Update regarding cement consumption, pricing and other trends in US cement markets.
Feasibility Study, Market Report and Business Plan
An electrical utility company retained Box International to provide a Feasibility Study, Market Report and Business Plan regarding technologies and opportunities under development by the utility to combine fly ash and cement. The Market Report included specific market rationale and potential opportunities for the various types of products to be developed, customer profiles, competition, in addition to alternative opportunities pertaining to the technology.
Due Diligence
A US management consulting firm retained Box International to evaluate and report on competitive efficiency and optimization strategies of select US cement producers compared with certain cement producers in the European Union based upon 2015 baseline operating costs and market conditions.
Supervisor Coaching Program
Box provided one-on-one Coaching Services to increase cement production and improve overall operating efficiencies through the implementation and development and improvement of technical and soft skills for an international cement company and its North American cement plant locations.
Cement Market Report
Box provided a Cement Market Report to a bank in Hong Kong regarding the financing for an international trading company regarding 2015 cement export opportunities to US cement markets.
Due Diligence & Transactional Support
A Canadian bank acting as lead syndication agent regarding financing for a Greenfield plant in the amount of USD $1.1 Billion requested Box International to review and comment on the business plan, marketing strategy and viability of the company and plant. The Bank requested an independent review of the financing terms, business plan, forecasted results, market assumptions and sales strategies as well as other technical cement industry considerations as required regarding financing the Project.
Evaluation of Technology & Market Study
Box was requested by a US based electrical utility company to review and address third-party blending technologies associated with fly ash with cement, assess potential market opportunities regarding fly ash and cement products.
Feasibility Study and Market Study
An investment bank retained Box to provide a Feasibility Study for the financing of a process technology and marketing strategies regarding the use of supplementary materials for select US cement markets.
Plant Audit Report
A cement company was experiencing repeated problems sustaining cement production and maintaining consistent cement quality requested Box to provide a Plant Audit and Needs Assessment Report. Box conducted a plant wide survey identifying equipment upgrades, design improvements, and training initiatives. Box’s Report concluded with recommendations increasing sustained cement production, correcting cement quality, and improving overall results.
Site, Operations and Equipment Assessment
An investor group requested Box to provide an assessment and evaluation of a basalt quarry operation in Yemen targeting 2014 exports sales to area markets. The Study included equipment assessment, operations review, customers and markets, financing options to expand operations, transportation logistics and port facilities.
Operator Certification Testing and Selection Program
A US based cement manufacturing company requested Box to provide certificated training for its Control Room Operators. The training program consisted of class room lecture, hands on, one-on-one training, written, oral and practical examinations.
Cement Terminal and Facility Assessment
A US based trading and Development Company retained Box to develop a marine based cement importing terminal. The project included site assessment, various designs regarding facilities, equipment selection, facilities layout, traffic studies, and permitting.
A cement company was losing market share and incurring increasing financial losses because of inconsistent cement production but did not have the resources to invest in equipment upgrades. The company requested Box develop and implement a training program to optimize cement production from existing equipment operations. An initial base line assessment was conducted identifying the habits and conduct of plant personnel to address and correct resulting in recommendations for specific training to include lecture and one-on-one training for production and maintenance department personnel.
Site Assessment and Feasibility Study
Box provided a report regarding potential upgrades regarding silica plant operations for deposits located in Saudi Arabia. Existing operations experienced significant problems with production and reliability due to poorly designed equipment and quarry plan. The Report included a review of existing equipment and operating procedures, along with recommendations for new equipment, facilities layout and design, training programs, updated maintenance and operations along with financing alternatives.
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