Preliminary Feasibility Studies

Regardless of the market location, the development of a new cement plant is a major undertaking with the commitment of significant financial and other resources. To eliminate risk and save money clients have relied on Box for all phases of planning, financing, design and construction of new cement manufacturing facilities. Box delivers comprehensive capacity to integrate all developmental activities, as well as providing specific project planning and development services as requested. Feasibility Studies conducted by Box International provide the information, details and support required to secure financing arrangements on behalf of cement manufacturing companies, governments, financial institutions and investor groups regarding cement markets throughout the world. Whether confirming the viability of a new project or financing options, Box resolves challenges and obstacles in characterizing and quantifying risks and potential opportunities on behalf of clients whether a multinational cement company or a new entrant to the cement industry.

Frequently, a Preliminary Feasibility Study as an efficient approach to identify and characterize threshold priorities, define requirements for success and reduce project risk with the evaluation and analysis of forecasted local market demand for cement, availability of raw materials, fuels, local site conditions, competition, types of cement sold and other materials and services needed. With validation of threshold priorities and alternatives of success, a comprehensive Feasibility Study is conducted, incorporating the data and information as needed to source and secure funding as well as other needs of the project. From Preliminary Feasibility Studies to comprehensive fully integrated Feasibility Studies, clients trust Box International to perform critically important independent analysis, providing objective in-depth assessment regarding potential cement market opportunities.

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