Box International provides lecture programs on a repeat basis to clients because of the improved operating results consistently achieved due to more effective and informed personnel. Cement companies request Box to provide lecture based training to control room operators, production control supervisors, maintenance department personnel and supervisory and managerial personnel to improve effectiveness and competitive edge and increase operating margins by advancing the understanding and improving the skills of personnel.

Each cement plant, market and client is unique and the lecture programs provided by Box are specifically tailored for the process and personnel to be complete and efficient. Our industry expertise and international experience combine to provide comprehensive training to personnel whether new hires or experienced personnel regarding the manufacturing process and are specific to design, equipment, plant location, market conditions, cultural perspectives, management and personnel such that resulting benefits are immediate and sustainable. Box International provides lecture series training to include complete plant wide programs as well as programs regarding partial selected equipment or process areas, operational activities and functions of smaller groups. Box provides training to personnel throughout an organization from headquarter managerial executives, plant managers, control room operators, engineers, or supervisors.

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